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Executive Media Global is young, fresh and founded on the new school of publishing, incorporating print publishing and digital content to create a unique experience for readers. Based in Manhattan, New York, the company is a relative newcomer to the US landscape, but has origins steeped in decades of publishing experience.

Executive Media Global is an extension of Australian publishing house Executive Media, a privately owned, family-run business based in Melbourne. The company has more than 40 years’ experience producing high-quality in-house publications, as well as contract titles for a diverse range of clients, from government departments and peak industry bodies, to special interest clubs and lobby groups. Executive Media has recently established an office in Manhattan, New York, which is where we come in.




Executive Media Global is a multi-channel publishing company. Our history is in quality print publications, both consumer and trade, but our forward-looking focus is on the integration of print and digital communications to provide a well-rounded communication platform for our clients.



Executive Media Global produces titles from concept to delivery, taking care of all planning, content creation, advertising, design, production, and final print and distribution.

We collaborate with our clients to achieve bespoke publications that perfectly suit the individual needs of each organization.

While we are currently experiencing a progressively digitized, multi-platform publishing landscape, studies have shown that most people are voraciously consuming both printed and digital media. This makes physical, hard-copy publications a vital component of any organization’s professional media profile.

Printed titles provide unrivaled credibility of content, as well as a prestige that is not afforded by digital media. Printed material is considerably more engaging than online content, which, research has shown, is often skimmed in as little as 15 seconds.

Whether our clients require an annual report, quarterly magazine, newspaper or pocket diary, we can create a high-quality publication to suit their individual needs.

For more information about how Executive Media Global can help you achieve your publishing needs, please contact us.



ROVA magazine


ROVA stands for road vacations and recreational vehicles, and it is about taking all roads—those less-taken or the most well-worn—to your own personal destination.

ROVA is about sharing North America as it is seen through the eyes of wanderers, writers, photographers, and amateur adventurers. We’re the ones who stick our hands out the car window to catch the summer breeze; the ones who pull off the road when the landscape commands it; the ones who find new experiences in even the most-visited places; and the ones who forge paths into unknown territories.

In ROVA, we explore how roads connect people, places and experiences. Each new set of wheels to hit the road traces a story on the landscape; let us inspire you to create your own. 

For more information, contact us or visit rovamag.com.



CCC (Classic car club manhattan)


CCC is a magazine produced by Classic Car Club. Just like the club, CCC orbits around the axis of cars. 

But don’t call it a car magazine. 

It’s an adventure publication. 

Just like the club, CCC uses cars as a springboard to see amazing places, to audaciously endeavor, to push oneself, to sample pulse-raising experiences and to consume the finest. 

CCC, a high-quality publication with guts, reflects the passion, style, creativity and daring of the club’s members. It is unique in both style and content, with a raw yet rich aesthetic, a strong visual sensibility, and slightly left-of-center editorial. 

For more information about Classic Car Club Manhattan, click here. 


 Executive Media Global is proud to present the American Australian Association’s first official print publication. This high-quality, glossy journal is distributed by direct mail to corporate and individual members of the American Australian Association, and to key stakeholders in both America and Australia. Among the recipients are senior managers and decision-makers in some of the world’s largest corporations, as well as political leaders in both America and Australia. The inaugural publication was released in conjunction with the Association’s Benefit Dinner held on October 23, 2017. This prestigious gala event is held each year to recognize important American-Australian business relations through recognizing and honoring top corporate leaders; to continue to raise money for the Association’s Education Fund; and to celebrate the scholars of the Fund. The Benefit Dinner is the most highly anticipated event on the calendars of all members of the AAA. 

Featuring news from the AAA, commentary on the relationship between America and Australia, profiles of members, a showcase of key Association milestones, and insight into the education, achievements and events of the Association, this publication provides readers with a unique view of the connection between these two countries.

For more information on the American Australian Association, visit www.americanaustralian.org.




For advertising rates for ROVA, CCC and the AAA Journal, call us on +1 646 582 2033 or email gemma.peckham@executivemediaglobal.com

For general information, please call us on +1 646 582 2033, or use the contact form below. 




If you have enquiries regarding ROVA, CCC, the AAA Journal, Executive Media Global, or any job vacancies, please call +1 646 582 2033.

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Executive Media Global's office is located at 303 5th Avenue, #1908, New York NY 10016.